What do you receive as a personal training client at StrengthBox?

  • Progress Tracking
  • Diet Plans
  • Training Plans
  • Weekly Online Check-in
  • 24/7 Filesharing With Your Coach
  • Recovery Plan
  • Supplement Guide
  • All Plans to Keep Forever


After a few years away from gyms I signed up to a 12 week transformation at StrengthBox at the start of January and the results were exactly what I was after - I was enthused about training again, and I lost 9kg in weight. Working with Darren and Nick really made me realise just how inexperienced and uninformed regular gym staff are beyond how their machines work. They really bring their experience of training and competing to bear and their understanding of how nutrition needs to be factored into the plan really made the difference for me. I got the impression that I was never on my own at StrengthBox, even when I was staring into the fridge in search of food! Perhaps the highest recommendation I can give is that even a month after I finished my transformation I'm still training 3 or 4 times a week, my food intake is much better than before, and the weight is staying off.
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Colin L.
I wanted to get in better shape in time for travelling and I knew that to get the best results possible I needed a plan that was tailored to me personally, with an expert guiding me and making sure I remained accountable. I could not have found a better fit than StrengthBox. I started my transformation in summer 2016. 18 (tough) weeks later I walked out almost 3 stone lighter and a completely different person, both physically and mentally. I was genuinely overwhelmed at what the guys at StrengthBox had helped me to achieve when I saw my before/after pictures. Here's the thing. StrengthBox can't just wave a magic wand and transform you, you learn that pretty quickly. What they can do, and what they do do, is give you all the tools you need to make the best possible change; and the results you get will depend on how much you commit yourself to the program. Those tools (for me) were: 1) A very clear diet plan that gives you choice but ensures that you are always eating the right stuff 2) A custom and detailed exercise plan that will push to your (previously unrealised) limits 3) A coach who clearly loves what they do and is fully committed to helping you, whilst making sure you remain accountable (trust me...weekly skinfold measurements and weigh in's will make sure you stay on plan) 4) An unbelievably welcoming environment in which to train without feeling conscious or embarrassed, everyone there is on the same journey (you will make new friends). It's like a family of awesome people I honestly cannot thank Nick and the team at StrengthBox enough for everything they've done for me. What an amazing experience.
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Tom S.
I've been going to Strengthbox now since March 2015, I first did the 12 week transformation with incredible results, dropping over 12pounds and 6% body fat. Nick is a fantastic trainer full of knowledge who is always on hand to help with any fitness or nutrition advice I needed. After trying most gyms in the area I'll most definitely be sticking with Nick and Strengthbox!
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Kelly T.




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